Testificate Ruins Testificate Village Colin's Mountain Fortress Redstone Applied Research Laboratory Rainbow Ranch Mike Jones' Swamp The Penance of Dras (Statue) Access to Subway (Purple Station) Ye Olde Lodgehouse of Gentlemanly Gentlemen (Underground Tavern) Sydor's Place Spawn Point Access to Subway (Blue Station) Sydor's Lake House S.S. Crimson Vagabond (Tammer's Skyship) Das Flämmenblimpen Colin's Place Skullcrusher Mountain (Tammer's House) Archangel Nuclear Launch Facility Nomeos Space Program Launch Pad Access to Subway (Red Station) Future Museum & Art Gallery Explosive Ordnance Testing & Evaluation Grounds Access to Subway (Orange Station) Testificate Village Sydor's Emergency Shelter Testificate Village The Tomb of King Ackbar Colin's Summer Home
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