- Legends of Nomeos -


The legend of Nomeos begins with two brothers, Urdin and Dras - members of an ancient order of monastic knights, the defenders of peace and justice for over a thousand generations. They were sent to this land in search of a powerful mystic relic in order to keep it out of the hands of the forces of darkness. In the course of their journeys, they uncovered an ancient iron scroll with instructions on how to build a gateway to the hellish realm known as the Nether.

Urdin, rightfully unnerved by the potential of this relic for evil, urged his brother to return with him to consult with the abbots before proceeding. Dras, the younger and more impetuous of the two, disagreed and proceeded to construct and enter the gateway by himself.

Whatever Dras found in the Nether, it corrupted him and upon his return to the overworld, he proceeded to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the land. Urdin, feeling responsible for his failure to prevent his brother's downfall, vowed to devote the rest of his life to ending Dras' reign of terror. 

Their final confrontation took place high on a mountain top, with the clashing of their diamond blades drowning out even the thunder and rain. As the more skilled fighter, Urdin was on the cusp of victory when Dras distracted and mortally wounded him. With his dying breath, Urdin laid a curse on his brother, entombing his soul within the mountain for nine thousand years.

Over the following millennia, as the mountain was buffeted by wind and rain, an ominous visage began to emerge - the figure of a man in a hooded cloak, clutching a sword. This indelible figure, unbreakable with man-made tools, looms menacingly over the valley below as though waiting for the day when his sentence ends and he can reclaim his stolen glory...